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Repair / Exchange
For the test, repair and full functional test of any item, there is a fixed repair charge.
Prices range from 14.50 to 67.00, as per our published lists.
Listed prices are Trade, ex-VAT. (Non-Trade, click here )
VAT is chargeable at the current rate to all customers.
P&P is 3.50 + VAT per order
NFF (No Fault Found) following our test
A. Where we have a full test   (ie the QER Product Code does not start or end "UL").
The item is proved OK, therefore normal price, less 25%.
B. Where we don't have a full test  (ie the QER Product Code starts or ends "UL").
The item cannot be proved OK or not, therefore 4.50 minimum charge only
Plus P&P at cost if you want the item returned (3.50 minimum)
UTR (Unable To Repair) following our test
Free for standard items
Minimum charge of 4.50 for "UL" items (see above)
Plus P&P at cost if you want the item returned (3.50 minimum)
Supply (From our stock)
5 premium over the repair price.
On some items, we also ask for a 5 or 10 deposit, refundable on return of your exchange within 14 days.
Otherwise, there is no need to send an exchange back.
If your customer cancels, a full refund is given, providing the item is returned to us with the sealed bag unopened within 14 days.
If the item is not needed because your fault turns out to be be something else, a refund of 50% of the repair price is given, provided the item is returned undamaged within 14 days.
If you return an exchange after 14 days, we credit you according to the current wanted/credit price, instead of refunding your deposit.
You can send us items you don't want, for credit against your account, as per the listed credit price for the item.
NB You must contact us first for our agreement if the total credit claim exceeds 50.