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Non-Trade / Non-UK

Non-Trade / Non-UK Customers
Non-Trade Customers:
Although services are primarily for the Home Appliance or Automobile Trades, members of the public are welcome to make use of our services.
Terms & conditions are as per Trade (Definition), EXCEPT:
bulletPrices are surcharged 25%
bulletPayment is required before dispatch.
bulletCheques are not accepted.
(Postal orders are are a good alternative if you don't have paypal or a credit card)
Non-UK Customers:
Non-UK customers are welcome to use our services.
Terms & conditions are as per UK, EXCEPT:
bulletCheques are not accepted
bullet If you are outside the EU, you must state the customs value to be 15 (Pounds Sterling) or less.
(You can state in description that goods are faulty, for repair).
We will expect you to pay us 120% of any customs charges incurred.
 EU Member States

Prices are listed in British Pounds. 
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If phoning us, use the UK code 44, and disregard the leading zero.